Athena’s Owl

Straight from the earth, our owl pieces show off opal matrix colours running through quartzite opal. These pieces come as solid blocks which are then sent off to be cut into animal shapes.

When you look closely at each piece you’ll see smaller speckles of opal matrix and bigger, solid sections of opal silica. This ‘full’ opal is older, so across one owl carving is a mineral representation of different moments in history.

If you go back to Greek mythology you’ll remember that the owl is Athena’s totem animal, perched on her hand as her messenger and spy.

In myth she would send her owl into the human realm in lieu of herself to see what the humans were up to. Athena and her owl stand for wisdom and protection of art and beauty which is fitting for these gorgeous owl carvings.

This piece shown here has already sold but we have more owl carvings coming in, please keep an eye on the store and blog for when they do or contact me with any enquiries.

x Nicole

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