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Our help area will be updated regularly as the store’s customer base grows and questions arise. If you have a question about our products and can’t find the answer on the website please contact us and we will answer you straight away and add the answer here for future reference.

How to care for your Opals.

Solid Opals –

Opal is a glass silica and as such is considered a soft stone. It has the approximate hardness of glass and can be scratched or broken if care is not taken. Remove your opal jewellery before doing any gardening, housework or anything that will scratch or chip the stone. It can be worn everyday and isn’t fragile but as with any precious stone needs to be treated with care.

Solid Opals contain about 5% water and can get wet. Water won’t harm a solid opal in any way.

Avoid extremes in temperatures (ie boiling water) and very low humidity (such as bank vaults).

Opals love being worn and will absorb moisture out of the environment to keep them healthy.

Doublets and Triplets –

Doublets and Triplets do need to kept dry as the opal is layered and the layers are glued together. If a doublet or triplet becomes wet it will take on a foggy/hazy grey appearance. Prolonged exposure to water will do this, not just getting caught in a rainstorm, etc.

Cleaning Opals –

Solid opals can be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water mixture and a soft cloth.

Doublets /Triplets can be cleaned with a just damp soft cloth but never soak a doublet/triplet.

Storage –

Opals are best stored in a padded box or bag for protection from scratching/breaking.

For long periods of time a piece of cotton wool with a few drops of water added with the opal in a sealed plastic bag will ensure it won’t crack.

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Local = $10.00 (within Australia)

Int. = $15.00 (everywhere else)

We also include insurance for international parcels. If you have any enquiries about shipping please fill out a contact form and we will answer your questions.

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Terms & Conditions

Opal Essence offers its clients a 30 day money back guarantee. This is to give you the chance to look over the stones in person to see if they are what you are after.

When we take a picture of our rough opal we photograph it wet so it exposes the colours of the stone as if it were polished. If you are a first time buyer and cutter of rough opal please don’t be concerned when you receive the opal dry and not showing off the same colouring. Once it is polished it will be just as beautiful as originally shown.

As long as Opal Essence receives the opals back in the same condition in which they were sent a full refund will be credited to you. If the stones have undergone any cutting unfortunately we cannot refund the purchase amount. If the stones are sent back after 30 days, again, no refund can be given.

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At Opal Essence we provide 256 encrypted SSL certificate security in our checkout area so your purchase and credit card information is protected. Currently we take payments through PayPal in which you don’t need a paypal account to purchase through. This gives you that extra bit of security.

Any details you enter into your account area will not be available to anyone but Opal Essence and will only be used for purchase and shipping details.

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Accepted Payment Methods

All our prices are in $US dollars.

Opal Essence accepts most major credit cards through our PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account yourself to make purchases through our store. If you prefer to pay by  money order you can checkout by selecting the pay with money order option. Payment then needs to be sent to Opal Essence at PO BOX 5 Kensington Park Adelaide SA 5068 Australia. Please contact us if you expect the payment to take longer than 14 days to reach us or if you have any questions about payments and ordering.