Opal Doublets

Do you love black opal but don’t love the price tag that comes with it?

Well you can have the best of both worlds if you buy an opal doublet.

You will be buying beautiful crystal opal that has been backed with either boulder, onyx or obsidian.

The dark backing really shows off the colours without the solid black opal price tag!

Nicole xx

2 thoughts on “Opal Doublets”

  1. Nicole,

    I love many of your doublets, and the pricing seems reasonable, but I was disappointed to see that no dimensions were provided. Carat weight is not a reasonable estimator, as it is strongly affected by the thickness of the back stone. Is there a way to determine the dimensions of stones I might ne interested in?

    1. Nicole Willis

      Thank you for your interest! We are updating our store software to a better version and have been loading the extra information including sizes. Thanks for pointing that out to us. Hopefully in the next few days this will be completed.
      Let us know which ones you are particularly interested in.
      This particular pair is 9x20mm
      Kindest Regards


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