Rainbow Magic

Annabella, my daughter “Bella’s Beads” had her first Coober Pedy experience! As we touched down on the red dirt I said ” You know how they say there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Well I really think it was a pot of opal and Coober Pedy is the end of the rainbow”. It was beautiful to watch Annabella’s excitement as she experienced sleeping in a dug out underground, meeting the colourful locals and enjoying the exciting buzz of the town.

1 thought on “Rainbow Magic”

  1. Lol, but it’s one of the best sleeps I bet you have had! It’s so lovely and quiet.
    What did you think of my site. I only put it up recently but there don’t seem to be many visitors. Did you find it easily?
    Kindesrt Regards


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