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Coober Pedy - the Opal Capital

"Coober Pedy The Opal Capital" is a video that brings you a taste of the unique life in the opal mining capital of the world. We take you on a tour of the region and experience sights that not even the tourists get to see. Some of the locals have never been to the places that we take you in this very special program.

You will meet opal miners up to their armpits in sweat and dirt. See the opal as it comes out of the ground. Join tourists on holiday in a luxury underground hotel. Discover an alien-like landscape from the air.

Witness secret opal deals - behind closed doors! Get the tips from experts at the world's first accredited opal cutting course in Coober Pedy's own college. Experience the food and the lifestyle.

Coober Pedy is a town of contrasts. People from around 42 countries have come in search of that elusive flash of colour - the fire in the stone.

There is still a "wild west" feel in this old town, deep in outback Australia. This is opal country.

VHS format. NTSC (U.S. & Japan) or PAL (Australia, U.K. & most of Europe) system.

Duration approx. 56 minutes.

Normally $29.95 but free with an order of US$100 or over

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